What is a Narrative Essay? How to Write One and Example Topics

    Narrative Essay

    This is a type of essay that employs storytelling skills to discuss a particular subject. This kind of essay is intended to inform the reader about real-life events or experiences that the author has encountered at one point in time. A great narrative essay must provide a vivid plot that does not confuse the reader or is hard to comprehend.

    How to Write a Narrative Essay

    Below are some of the most crucial steps you should take when writing a narrative essay:

    1. Prepare

    For your piece to flow smoothly and in a logical sequence, you have to make some fewnarrative essay format preparations before diving into the actual writing. Preparation basically entails picking a topic and collecting crucial information that will help back up your main points.

    Make sure to pick a topic that does not just excite you but also your readers. This type of essay is experience oriented and will not need you to do in-depth research like in other kinds.

    2. Make an Outline

    After collecting all the pertinent information and tools that you need to write your essay, you need to create an outline. This will be like a roadmap to guide you in writing a compelling essay.

    List down your main points and write a short description for each. This helps you to broaden your thinking and explore other important points that you would otherwise have left out.

    3. Introduction

    The introduction is usually what the reader needs to decide if they are going to read the entire narrative or not. You should, therefore, focus on making sure that you start your story with enthralling punch lines that will get the reader anticipating the rest of the essay.

    If the reader is not immediately hooked on the introduction, chances that they will read the rest of the essay are quite dismal. Give the reader a glimpse of the story, but not the entire narrative. You should leave them in suspense to ignite their curiosity and compel them to read on.

    4. The Body

    The number of paragraphs you will need depends on how long you intend your essay tonarrative essay topics be. Do not just tell the story haphazardly. You have to carry the reader with you till the end. If at one point they feel that the story has lost its relevance, they will lose interest.

    Take advantage of dialogue now and then. Conversations are usually effective when it comes to engaging the reader. It is an excellent way to keep the reader interested and bring out the story in a realistic manner. You must, however, be creative on how you use dialogue and take caution not to overuse it. You must also write chronologically to enable the reader keep up and maintain the order of your essay.

    5. The Conclusions

    The conclusion must be written in such a way that it drives the reader to satisfaction. The reader must feel like they understood and familiarized with the whole narrative. While wrapping up your story, leave the reader with some food for thought.

    Examples of narrative essay topics:

    • A narrative on overcoming fearwhat is a narrative essay
    • How you learned a tough lesson
    • A story on your relationship experience
    • A discovery that turned your life around

    Writing a narrative essay should be one of the most exciting writing experiences you can encounter as a student. As compared to the other types of essays, this is one of the easiest and most exhilarating to write. However, you will need to be a creative storyteller to keep the reader hooked from the beginning to the end.

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