What is a Persuasive Essay – Examples and Topics

    Persuasive Essay

    As the name suggests, this is a type of an essay that is written with the purpose of persuading or convincing the reader to accept a particular opinion. Many students find these kinds of essays to be the most challenging. This is usually because, without the necessary skills and knowledge, persuading people to change their opinion, perception or attitude towards something is quite tricky.

    How to Write a Persuasive Essay

    To write a captivating and compelling essay and get people to agree with your point of view on any subject, follow the following steps:

    1. Make Adequate Preparations

    Preparation is key to writing a coherent and spellbinding essay. This is where you pick the topic you want to write on and make other essential arrangements. The topic you select should be contradictory enough but also have more than one point of view. Pick a topic that you love and would have no problem writing about.

    Essays are supposed to be short so, make sure that your topic is not too broad. Your subject should not have definite yes or no answers. This will limit your argument and leave you with very little to talk about. The topic must also appeal to people’s emotions to easily persuade them. Understand your audience and their opinions on the same topic.

    Finally, do some research to come up with concrete evidence that supports your perspective. This should include statistics, facts or logical arguments that are pertinent to your topic.

    2. Write the IntroductionHow To Write A Persuasive essay

    Before starting the actual writing, you should come up with a rough outline to guide you through the writing process. However, you should not accord too much of your time to that part of the writing.

    The introduction should serve the sole purpose of grabbing the reader’s attention and hyping up their interest in your story. The first sentence of the opening is as crucial as the entire essay. You should, therefore, make sure that it is compelling enough to set the reader on a path to yearning for the whole essay.

    After introducing your topic, you state the thesis in a precise and focused manner. The reader should immediately be made aware of what you intend to talk about.

    3. Write the Body

    Each paragraph that makes up the body of your essay should address a separate argument or evidence. Support all your claims with credible references and facts to stand a higher chance of convincing your reader. Readers are more likely to fall for claims or arguments that are backed up with real research rather than those made by the author himself.

    Your paragraphs should ideally not be more than four. Remember that when you write too much, you will either bore the reader or stray away from the relevant topic.

    4. Write a Perfect Conclusion

    While the introduction is meant to create anticipation and make the reader curious about the topic, the end ensures that that curiosity is satisfied and the expectation justified. This is where you summarize your points and give the last shot at persuading the reader. Remember that the body has done all it can to convince the reader to buy your opinion, now it is up to the conclusion to make sure that the persuasion is sealed and get the reader on your side.

    Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics

    Here are several examples of Persuasive Essay topics:Persuasive Essay Topics

    • Modern exams rarely match the student’s ability
    • Soda should not be sold to high school kids
    • Students below the age of 21 should be allowed to consume alcohol
    • If kids commit an offense, parents should go to jail in their place
    • College football should replace the Bowl Championship Series

    Writing a persuasive essay might seem like tricky work, but if you have the right topic, do your research well and employ effective persuasion skills, the whole process should complete seamlessly.

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